Band Practice:

It begins officially at 7:00 every Monday of the year except for Christmas.

During the winter and in inclement weather, we practice at the Lt. Col. Kemball Armoury at 1990 7th Avenue in Trail.

In the nice weather, we practice in Gyro Park. See map below for directions.

Chanter Practice:

It happens every Wednesday at the Masonic Hall in Trail  from 7pm til 9pm. during the school year in session. Beginners are expected to purchase a chanter and a copy of the College of Piping Tutor Book 1.

Lessons are free!

Drumming lessons:

These are held in conjuction with the regular band practice. New learners are issued a set of sticks and a pad, and work to learn rudiments with one of the regular drummers. With proficiency, the learner is issued a drum; and more music to learn.

Lessons are free!